CS Lewis | Mistakes

Deep Thoughts from the Quill of the Other C.S. Lewis

Welcome to another in an occasional series of fictitious quotations from a fabricated contemporary of the great Oxbridge professor, Clive Staples Lewis.

The C.S. Lewis who authored these questionable observations, Clyde Scissors Lewis, possessed a worldview enigmatically different from that of the esteemed Christian author. Despite the fact that their two lives overlapped in a variety of ways, the similarities were superficial.

A brief biography of the lesser Lewis is available at this link.

The Other C.S. Lewis: A Brief Biography

By all means, do not confuse the wisdom of the genuine article with his shadowy counterfeit. Despite any cursory similarities between the two men, this is most definitely not the C.S. Lewis readers have come to know and love.

9 thoughts on “CS Lewis | Mistakes

      1. Hippo-headed deities. Can’t verify whether they are worshipped by hippopotami… or simply by very confused humans. (Pretty confident crocodiles despise Taweret… and prefer Sobek, modeled in their own image.)

  1. ericprindleseattlegov

    How about the ‘typo’ found at the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan (Mexico) ? The Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon should be symmetrical, but in the rush to have
    the larger one restored ahead of its pending dedication, it came out with 5 tiers instead of 4.

    John Oliver had quite a good treatise of antiquities recently. You should look it up. (The Seated Pharaoh being ‘gifted’ to the Penn Museum by Mrs. John Harrison in 1892).

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