Welcome to Mere Inkling. In addition to the Mere Inkling blog, you’ll find information about the history of the American Civil War, the first Christian hymnal, and military chaplains.

If you are curious about the overarching reason for Mere Inkling, you can read about it here.

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. C. S. Jones

    Greetings in peace. I arrived here due to my literary interests, and have bookmarked your sight after reading a few thoughtful articles. Though appreciative of certain religious ideas, meditations, graces, mercy, and theologies, there is very little ‘organized religion’ has to offer me; yet due to my upbringing, education (not enough of course), nature, and intense public interaction experienced during my career, others’ ideas and cultures are endlessly fascinating, and while perhaps not endless, so is your blog. Thank you for the nourishing food for thought.
    “Fallen-away” Catholic with catholic tastes (falling upwards)

    1. I’m pleased that you found some of the material here at Mere Inkling thought-provoking and edifying. I hope you will continue to read through the archives, and subscribe to posts as they are written. You are certainly not alone in being disappointed by much of “organized religion.” The problem boils down to the fact that all congregations are made up of imperfect people (just like us). There’s no place on earth that lives us to Jesus’ calling to “be holy as he is holy,” and to truly “love our neighbor as ourself.”

      That said, I encourage you to re-explore participation in a Christian congregation. For the most part, it improves the quality of people’s lives. In the meantime, I’m happy that this humble blog could offer you brief oasis on your pilgrimage. God bless you.

  2. Sveta

    Hi, I’m Sveta! Thank you so much for creating this awesome Christian, literature-focused blog. I look forward to reading your posts! Blessings in Christ.

  3. brookbabbles

    I never seem to take time to read your insightful and educational words but did so today. A comment about the Italian Pope intrigued me. You are much appreciated along with dear C.S. Lewis. Happy Memorial Day!

      1. brookbabbles

        Thank you so much. I find all of your writings insightful-it’s just that there is so much to read on the Net. Thank you again for all the time and effort you put into your website.

    1. Oh, and happy Memorial Day to you as well. My wife and I have a half dozen war era vets in our families but, as far as we know, no one who gave the “ultimate sacrifice.” I have great sympathy for the families whose sons, brothers and fathers (and now mothers, sisters and daughters) don’t return from the battlefield.

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