Other Publications

Mere Inkling is not the only thing your host has written. I don’t intend to offer a comprehensive list of my published articles. However, after receiving some encouragement to do so, I decided to link to a number of my articles that are accessible online.

Perhaps you will see something on this list that interests you.

Serious Articles

“A writer who appreciates the seriousness of writing
so little that he is anxious to make people see
he is formally educated, cultured or well-bred
is merely a popinjay.”

Ernest Hemingway

I have added several of my published articles to my page at academia.edu. Most of these appeared in Curtana: Sword of Mercy, and explore ministry within a military context.


“Satire is a sort of glass,
wherein beholders do generally discover
everybody’s face but their own.”

Jonathan Swift

If you would like to check out some of my experiments with satire, you need to visit this page. It also reveals one of my “secret” nom de plumes.

Articles Posted on Various Magazine Websites

“In any forgotten article
the really illuminating thing might lie hid:
tho’ about 90 to 10 against.”
C.S. Lewis

Some of the articles I wrote in the past are available today online in various locations. Here are a few I am aware of.

“The Orthodox C.S. Lewis”

“C.S. Lewis and the Police”

“A Fervent Desire for Peace”

“On the Distinctives of Ministry in the Military”

“Retiring Before Victory is Won”

“The Odes of Solomon: the Earliest Collection of Christian Hymns”

Here’s a comment I left on the site of a particularly good comic strip seven years ago. I was surprised it came up on my search, as I had completely forgotten about it. “Did you miss church Sunday?”

And, should anyone be inclined to glance at my Doctor of Ministry thesis, you can download it here: “Advancing the Cause of the Gospel: Pastoral Blogging by Luther’s Heirs”

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