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Fifth Iowa Volunteer Regiments

Mere Inkling hosts the preeminent resources for the history of two American Civil War regiments. Why these regiments? Because they were the two in which my children’s ancestors served.

Corporal Chauncey W. Stroud, the editor’s great-grandfather, served for the duration of the war in the Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry.

Private John S. Moore, my wife’s great-great-grandfather, served throughout the three year enlistment of the Fifth Iowa Volunteer Infantry.

It is to these two veterans, and their steadfast comrades, that these pages are dedicated.

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4 responses to Civil War


    My Iowa ancestors who were in the Civil War served from Tennessee (Confederacy, until he deserted then joined in) Indiana. His wife had brothers and uncles who served, some with an Iowa unit (39th Infantry) from Redfield, Iowa. One story:


      That’s a very interesting account at your link. Dying on Independence Day… Such a sad war.


        The amazing things to me is that they raised a unit in such a small Iowa town! I wish someone would write a history of the unit. I’d do it, but I’m in the middle of the third volume about my Grandma Leora, who lost three of her five sons who served during WWII and was widowed within a three-year period. She lived another four decades and was such a delight.


        Some years ago I spent a significant amount of time researching my great-grandfather’s unit for just such a volume. The deeper you dig, the more you realize you don’t know… and short of justifying the effort as a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, it requires more time than people can devote to it. Sad.

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