telegraphyContacting the Editor of Mere Inkling

We welcome hearing from you, for almost any reason. (No telegraphy skills required.)

Acceptable Reasons

To ask a question about something you read (so I can clarify a matter touched on only superficially due to the brevity demanded by blogging).

To offer advice (which I am always open to receiving, although that doesn’t mean I will necessarily follow it).

To provide criticism (which I will read and consider, even when extended in a critical manner).

To express gratitude (if something I write touches you and you are utterly unable to suppress your desire to say thank you).

To seek my advice (for whatever it may be worth, no warranties offered other than my promise that I will remain honest).

To curse me (which may sound strange to some, but is something I am genuinely willing to receive, since it allows me to pray for you . . . I don’t need to know your name, because the Lord does, and both he and I sincerely desire that you would know his love, peace and mercy).

Unacceptable Reasons

To try to sell me any commercial products (aside from genuine American Civil War chaplaincy artifacts).

To inquire if I have a guest room that you could use for an indeterminate period of time (in which case I refer you to the beneficence of a local church).

To ask for assistance transferring funds (from an African bank account holding millions of dollars which are temporarily inaccessible).

You may retain your anonymity, but if you wish to receive a response from me, you will need to include your email address on the form.

May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Peter, Athanasius, Francis, Luther, Calvin, John Paul II, and C.S. Lewis keep you in his grace.


Robert Stroud


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