Free Book on C.S. Lewis’ Humor

lindvallIf you want a great volume on C.S. Lewis’ humor to your library—for free—get over to Amazon and download the Kindle version of Surprised by laughter: The Comic World of C.S. Lewis right now.

I recently posted a column on Lewis’ humor, and referenced this very volume by Professor Terry Lindvall.

You never know how long these Amazon sales will last, so do hurry to secure your copy.

This volume is sure to answer any question you have about C.S. Lewis’ use of humor.

One caution, however, which the author includes at the close of his Acknowledgements. Provoking laughter within the confines of the faith community may have consequences . . .

If any cleric or monk speaks jocular words, such as provoke laughter, let him be anathema.


Get your copy here.

7 thoughts on “Free Book on C.S. Lewis’ Humor

    1. Yep. The same here in the States, as an elder in our congregation mentioned to me this morning. Those giveaways usually don’t last long. I wish there was someone who tracked all of the Inkling related special deals when they popped up.

      A dollar isn’t much for a great book like this though. Still a great purchase!

      1. If you follow facebook at all, the creator of the “Virtual C.S. Lewis” group, William O’Flaherty, often pops on with specials. Otherwise, I don’t know a tracker. I’m in the collection phase and have no money or space for paper books, but need them for research. So I’m pleased when specials pop up.

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