“The Science Fiction Makers” Documentary–and I am In It!

I’ve never reblogged anyone’s post before, but my friend Dr. Dickieson just announced a recent Canadian documentary that looks amazing. I just visited Amazon Prime (US) to view it, but apparently it’s not yet available here–you Canadians always have first access to the good stuff. Check out the trailer, and I will announce in the future when it’s available to a broader audience.

A Pilgrim in Narnia

As I am a perennially awkward person, I don’t mind admitting that I have always wanted to be on one of those History Channel-type documentaries. True, I hardly ever watch them as it seems when I am in the mood to sit and watch TV, they are always uncovering the secret alien history of the Bible or some such nonsense. You can guess, then, that I was fairly pleased to be asked to be part of Andrew Wall’s newest documentary, The Science Fiction Makers: Rousseau, Lewis, and L’Engle.

Andrew Wall is a strangely productive film-maker. I’m amazed at his output. But he also has an admirable level of quality. The Science Fiction Makers is Part 2 of the Faith in Imagination Series. When I screened–us seasoned film folk say “screened” instead of “showed”–when I screened the first film in the series, my family said, “Oh, that’s actually pretty good.”…

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13 thoughts on ““The Science Fiction Makers” Documentary–and I am In It!

  1. Sorry for the misleading title… since I’m not in it. It’s original author is.

    I did participate as an extra in the filming of Iron Man, but ended up on the cutting room floor. But that’s another sad tale.

    1. Funny. I was in the scene where Tony Stark flies into Baghdad and there is a formal formation receiving him. A two-star greeted him. As a brigadier general, I was posted at the right end of the second line… which ended up outside the picture frame. (Still got paid, for what that’s worth…)

  2. Thanks for the reblog, Rob! ‘Tis fun. The American market is the biggest, so no doubt as soon as there is distribution south of the border, it’ll be available. I had to get a one-month trial of Super Channel to see it!

    1. I’m all about trial memberships… problem is they’re about 25% successful in getting away with charging me before I remember to cancel.

      I really am looking forward to seeing the documentary.

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