Prepare for Commentary

Your Mere Inkling

Following the last post by your humble scribe, the senior copyist of the Scriptorium insisted that from this point forward he be allowed to comment on each post as it is penned. His comment for the last post was:

“A gifted author could certainly have found a more suitable illustration for his column. While the one you chose does, indeed, correlate to the premise of your text, the image itself is mildly unsettling.”

Who am I to disagree with one who wore the tonsure two decades before I was even conceived? So, I have acquiesced to allowing him to review my future posts before they are actually “published” to the web. I understand this sounds a bit like censorship, but trust me–I will continue to write whatever I desire to write and allow his comments to fall out how they may. So, bear with me as we now anticipate occasional addenda from Brother Hieronymus . . . May his comments be few.


Our CommentatorAddendum First:

I’m certain you would like that, but I recommend against hoping your dream will come to pass. I am not one to overlook my divinely appointed duties. By the way, gifted communicator, did you seriously require 163 words for your post?

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