Stained Glass Fiasco

It’s shocking, what you come across on the internet. You see many things that were never meant to be. I place this stained glass window of Mr. T in that category.

Yes, I recognize that he is a Christian, and his gold (24 carat) cross is prominently displayed. But still . . .

I was surfing in search of a good portrayal of Saint Martin of Tours. Not quite sure how the most distinctive member of the A-Team appeared in the list.

At least it provides an excellent reminder that a person should be prepared for the unexpected whenever they enter the worldwide web. (It’s not likened to a spider’s domain without reason.)


I realize that you are not comparing Mr. Tureaud to an arachnid, but you really should be much more careful in how you jump from thought to thought.

4 thoughts on “Stained Glass Fiasco

  1. Isn’t the meaning of a thing somewhat dependent on its contextual use? Was this stained glass image a window in a church, or was it a it a digital painting done with a Photoshop filter? There are different styles of paintings like a mosaic treatment, stained glass treatment, impressionist, etc. If you took an art class your assignment may include making a stain glass image of whatever subject you choose. I don’t think stain glass media is only reserved for some esoteric subject matter.

    I’m not quite sure I understand just what your over-heated shocking objection is to the image; if this is such an extreme shock to you, you might want to consider using more robust filters on your internet search engines.

    1. Yep, context always matters, and this image is indeed removed from its original context . . . so one can only postulate what that might have been. I suspect, as you suggest, that it’s a digitally manipulated image, rather than stained glass proper. Stained glass can certainly be adopted to a variety of settings, but it is most commonly associated with religious sanctuaries.

      As for my response to the image, I didn’t intend to generate any heat at all. Nor did I find it shocking in a disturbing or challenging manner. It made me smile. I simply thought that juxtaposing that image with the religious associations of stained glass was rather incongruous. Thus the satirical post. I think Philosopher Mouse’s comment echoes my sentiment: “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

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