Original Artwork

You might be blessed to have members of your congregation who are delighted to share their original artwork with you! (You won’t know if you don’t ask.) Or, perhaps you have family members who would love to have their compositions features on your site?

All it takes is a scanner to transform the original drawing, painting, or whatever into a digital form. If they created the original digitally, you don’t even need to go to that effort.

If so, be sure to protect their creations by clearly labeling them as being copyrighted by a given individual and used with their permission.

I do not consider myself any sort of artist, but I have enjoyed using basic graphic programs to create some graphics for use on my Mere Inkling blog site. For example, I enjoy using historical images and adding thought or word balloons, like those below.

Two share a common theme, revealing the way in which C.S. Lewis and another literary figure regarded one another’s work (George Orwell and Ayn Rand). The third example draws together quotations from Stephen King and C.S. Lewis that I consider to share a common insight.

By the way, adding text to photographs in this manner is extremely easy to do . . .