Congregational Resources


What we’re referring to here is not the congregation’s endowment or the office computer. We’re talking about the people.

Every congregation has a wealth of people with untapped knowledge and skills. Your members and friends—especially the “younger” ones—know plenty about social media, search engines and graphic manipulation.

Just ask for some help and it will come. And the opportunity to offer their pastor a hand in this ministry may well build a bridge to deeper bonds.

So, when you encounter a technical problem that isn’t addressed by the Handbook, follow these simple steps (in any order that you choose).

  1. Do a quick online search.
  2. Ask a friend who blogs about it.
  3. Seek out a blogging mentor. (You may well already count some exceptional bloggers among your existing acquaintances.)
  4. Make an announcement at church (in the bulletin or on your social media page) saying you could use a little help with a particular activity.