Blogging Images

rosenthalMany bloggers seem to think that finding graphics is far more difficult than it actually is. Below you will find general advice and links to good sources for free images you can use. Keep in mind that the links are the tip of the iceberg, and simple online searches will reveal scores of sources for “free web graphics.”

For those who desire, there are many commercial sites that offer images, but the services linked here are those that offer their images gratis.

There are many types of images which can enhance your website. A good graphic foreshadows your message, and can tell a story in its own right. The following pages briefly discuss some categories of images. We offer a sampling of the unlimited resources available, and if you have a suggestion for a site to add, by all means share it with us.


Graphic Images

Memes & Online Generators

Original Artwork

Congregational Resources


The photograph above is a representation of Toby Rosenthal’s “Sleeping Cardinal.”