Blogging for LCMS Leaders

Blue crossOn the following pages, LCMS ministry leaders will find resources to help them begin or grow an online writing ministry

No offense to other members of the church, but access to this modest resource is limited to rostered members of the church. Exceptions are happily made for those currently in training for service as pastors, deaconesses, teachers, lay ministers, DCEs, DCOs, etc.

Oh, and spouses of rostered workers are also welcome to request the password to the site, to support their own blogging ministries. (We take literally Jesus’ words that you “are no longer two, but one flesh”).

The resources here are intended to supplement the Lutheran blogging handbook, Digital Enchiridion: A Lutheran Resource for Pastoral Blogging. That ebook is available for free download on the first page below. Please note the handbook is copyrighted, and you should direct other other eligible individuals to this website to procure their own copy.

God-willing, the links on the following pages will help you start, or improve, your online writing ministry.

If you would like access to these resources, send an email with your name and ministry position/congregation to [We apologize for the need to enter a password for these links, but it is necessary so we might restrict them to their intended audience.]

It should also be acknowledged here that this is not an official website of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. It is merely a gift to the church from several of her pastors. It is presented in the hope that together, we can continue to expand the church’s global ministry.

Digital Enchiridion (Handbook)

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